Your Weekly Shopping List Sorted for Under R200 at Shoprite

Shopping List Under R200 at Shoprite

We’ve all noticed the relentless rise in food prices, turning what was once a carefree trip to the supermarket into a task that demands meticulous planning and forethought. The challenge of providing balanced, nutritious meals has left many of us feeling overwhelmed.

Grocery shopping on a budget does require time and patience to master, but with strategic planning and practice, you can still enjoy your favourite foods without breaking the bank. Whether you’re a veteran at budget shopping or just starting out, these tips will help you hone your skills or get off to a strong start. Specifically, we’ll focus on shopping and saving at Shoprite and explore what you can purchase for under R200 a week at Sunnypark’s branch!

Take advantage of Shoprite’s “Xtra Savings Rewards” 

Signing up for Shoprite’s Xtra Savings comes with a ton of benefits. Not only do you accumulate points to get a huge discount when you have enough points every time you swipe your Savings card, but you also get fantastic deals on everyday products! For example, an Albany Everyday Brown Bread normally costs R16.99, but when you swipe your Xtra Savings card, the price comes down to a spectacular R11.99.

Buy in Bulk 

Buying food in bulk is a fantastic way to save money, and it’s something I’ve found incredibly useful over the years. When you purchase larger quantities, you often pay less per unit, which can lead to significant savings over time. It also reduces the number of trips to the store, saving on travel costs and the temptation to make impulse buys. Plus, having a stockpile of essentials means you’re less likely to run out of staples and resort to pricier, last-minute options. Overall, bulk buying is a savvy strategy that keeps both your pantry and your wallet fuller.

Shoprite frequently offers Bundle Deals. For example, they currently have a deal where you can get staples like Knorrox soya mince (400g), Ritebrand pasta (500g), Super White super maize meal (2.5kg), Golden Cloud cake wheat flour (2.5kg), and Sunfoil pure sunflower seed oil (750ml) for only R99! You need to keep a keen eye on these deals, though, as they do have a closing date. The aforementioned deal is only valid until 9 June 2024, so don’t miss out! It is also important to note that their Bundle Deals only apply to customers with an Xtra Savings card.

Shoprite also offers deals for Xtra Savings customers where you can buy a certain amount of the same product and save! For example, their baked beans (410g) usually cost R11.99 per can, but if you buy 3 cans, you pay R25.00, saving you R10.97. 

Specials are where it’s at

 You can stay up to date on all of Shoprite’s specials, including deals where no Xtra Savings card is needed, by taking a look at their My Store Leaflets. You can get this leaflet either in-store or by adding Shoprite on WhatsApp (087 240 5709) to instantly receive the leaflet at no extra cost! Remember, no special lasts forever, so don’t miss out.

Let’s see what you can buy for under R200 at Shoprite with their current specials in mind:

  • Farmbest Fresh Chicken Braai Pack 5 Piece 95 per kg
  • Standard Brown Bread (600g) 00
  • Coca-Cola Original Less Sugar Soft Drink Bottle (2L) 99
  • Loose Bananas 99 per kg
  • Darling Fresh Full Cream Milk Sachet (1L) 99
  • Ritebrand Dishwashing Liquid (750ml) 99
  • Stork Country Spread 40% Fat Spread Tub (1kg) 99
  • Ritebrand Split Green Peas (500g) 99
  • Imana Beef Flavoured Stock Cubes (6 Pack) 00

The above items add up to a whopping R194.89, making it a fantastic deal if you are looking to save.

Additional tips on saving when Grocery Shopping

Take a look at these simple tips on saving big:

Create a Budget

it is necessary to review your finances and set a grocery budget, keeping in mind the time frame that budget must cover; for some it may be one week and others that budget will be for a month. Figure out what works best for you. 

Make a shopping list

This one seems fairly obvious, however it’s easy to underestimate how beneficial this action is. Start by planning your meals for the week, take inventory of what you have at home, and then create a shopping list based on what you still need.

Compare & keep track of prices

Pay attention to unit prices rather than the total cost. Sometimes, larger packages are more cost-effective. Become familiar with prices of items you buy frequently; this will help you identify good deals.

Buy frozen and canned foods

Frozen and canned fruits, vegetables, and seafood are often more budget-friendly than fresh, and they have a longer shelf life.

Avoid pre-packaged & convenience foods

There is no way around this, unless items are being marked down due to expiration dates; pre-packaged convenience foods tend to be higher in cost. Instead, buy whole ingredients and cook from scratch whenever possible.


Navigating the world of grocery shopping on a budget can feel overwhelming, but with the right strategies, it’s entirely possible to feed your family nutritious meals without overspending. Shoprite, particularly their Sunnypark branch, offers a plethora of deals and discounts that can significantly ease the financial burden. By taking advantage of the Xtra Savings rewards, bulk buying, and keeping an eye on bundle deals, you can stretch your budget further than you might have thought possible.

Staying informed through Shoprite’s My Store Leaflets ensures you never miss a special offer. With careful planning, a well-thought-out shopping list, and a keen eye for bargains, you can master the art of budget-friendly shopping. Remember, every rand saved adds up, helping you maintain a balanced diet and financial peace of mind. Happy shopping!

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